Revive Your Antique Fireplace

Revive Your Antique Fireplace

Hire us for custom chimney rebuilds based in Wareham, MA and serving all surrounding counties

Many old New England farmhouses are being refurbished, bringing back the use of fireplace heating and the need for quality chimneys. If your old chimney needs to be rebuilt or repaired, turn to Atlantic Chimney Inc. based in Wareham, MA and serving all surrounding counties. We offer custom chimney repointing services to restore your cracked chimney to its original condition.

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Is rebuilding your chimney worth it?

Chimneys are built to be one of the most durable places in your home. More often than not, your chimney will hold up better than your roof and your foundation combined. But that doesn't mean it won't need a few repairs. Instead of starting from scratch, turn to Atlantic Chimney for professional chimney repointing services. We'll mend cracks and fill in seams that have crumbled away, refit bricks that have come loose and install new chimney caps to make your chimney look as good as new.

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